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Meet Heather!

Hey! I'm Heather Kinney, the owner of Heather Kinney Creations and Paint Your Pet Events™!


I have always been someone who loves to create anything. From a young age, I've been experimenting with different mediums and techniques, exploring my creativity in any way I could. After studying graphic design in college, I found that while I appreciated the technical aspects of the field, my heart truly lies in creating art with my hands.

Over time, I honed my skills and ultimately found my niche in painting realistic pet portraits. I'm passionate about capturing every detail of each pet's unique personality and essence, memorializing beloved pets and creating lasting memories that owners can cherish for years to come.


In addition to my commissioned work, I also host Paint Your Pet Events ™, where I teach others how to paint their own portraits of their pets, providing a space for pet lovers to come together and celebrate the bond they share with their furry friends.

I'm always striving to improve my craft, experimenting with new techniques and pushing myself to new heights. Whether it's through attending workshops, collaborating with other artists, or simply spending dedicated time in my studio, I'm constantly working to refine my skills and take my art to the next level!

Beyond my passion for creating art, I'm also deeply committed to giving back to my community. At each Paint Your Pet Event, I donate a portion of the proceeds to local animal rescues and charities, and host at local craft breweries and venues helping to support other small businesses while also making a difference in the lives of pets in need. 

If you're interested in my artwork, I'd love to create something special for you. Or, if you're in the area, I invite you to come to one of my Paint Your Pet Events, to learn how to paint your own portrait of your furry friend, grab a drink with a friend, and have a ton of fun!

Heather Kinney in her pet portrait painting studio
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